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Berean Gift Legacy

On average, a person works more than forty years to accumulate assets and spends fifteen years conserving what has been earned, but does not spend even two hours to plan for distribution of those assets. The chaos that often occurs following the death of a loved one can be burdensome.

This burden can be eased, however, through proper planning. A key element of proper planning is the implementation of an estate plan. And this is the place where nearly 80% of Americans are stuck.  They are stuck because they have no plan in place.  And they are stuck with “their states” plan, which is in place for them because they did not put their own plan in place.

The basic document in any such plan is a will and many plans also include a trust. A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust is designed to encourage you to think about how you want to care for your minor age children, how your assets are to be distributed at death and will assist you in gathering the information your attorney will need to prepare a will and trust that accomplishes your goals.

Berean Gift Legacy offers you three helpful ways to get “unstuck” and receive your free Wills Guides. To choose the online Wills Planner click here. For your free guide in a .pdf format click here.  Or if you would like one mailed to you simply email me, and give me your name and address by clicking here.

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