Happy Cyber Monday

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Happy Cyber Monday

Today, people will buy a lot of stuff online. That isn’t bad but it isn’t lasting. Our Fellowship and our churches exists to reach people that do not know Jesus and that IS lasting!

While you are shopping online today, why not click here and give to God and your church? This investment is eternal.  It lasts way longer than an iPhone, flat screen, or Amazon gift card.

If your church does not have a website that you are able to give on no worries.  You can click here, navigate to the Fellowship gift page and make your Cyber Monday Gift.  Simply enter the name of your church in the “What is your connection to the Berean Fellowship” box, and we will make sure that your church receives your Cyber Monday Gift.  It’s really simple and fast.   And here’s my Cyber Monday guarantee: 100% of your investment will go to your church and its mission in reaching people for Jesus.

Opportunities To Grow Your Generosity

We’re glad we can send you the Gift Legacy eNewsletter with Savvy Living, Gift Planning Stories and Washington Update.  We hope you find the newsletter helpful, enjoyable and motivating as you express generosity and stewardship through your church and the ministries of the Berean Fellowship.  God is doing great things and your giving helps make that possible.

As always, we’d be glad to assist you with estate planning and gift planning.

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