Momentum Into The New Year

Momentum Giving

Momentum into the New Year

As 2013 comes to a close, we are offering our Gift Legacy List the opportunity to make a difference in our churches, communities and our world.  You can do this through our Momentum offering.

Momentum led the early Bereans to expand beyond North Platte, Nebraska to the central and western United States. Momentum grew one church in 1932 to 44 churches by 1970 and 58 churches today.

Today our momentum flows out of our purpose statement – “Planting and Strengthening Churches to Make Disciples to Reach the World.”  Your gift at year-end will enable us in:

  • Planting – Six churches will be planted each year.  In the next 10 years we will add as many churches as have been planted in our first 65 years.
  • Strengthening – Consultation will empower churches whose ministries are on a plateau to get unstuck and churches with effective ministries to maximize ministry fruitfulness.
  • Make Disciples – We are coaching our churches to become more intentional about multiplying effective small groups that develop disciples of the Lord Jesus.

All this is done to reach the world for Jesus Christ.  The need is urgent.  We cannot do this without you.

Your gift along with others will enable us to finish the calendar year strong. Know this, we will invest your gifts to sustain our momentum of “Planting and Strengthening Churches to Make Disciples to Reach the World.”

You can make your gift online by clicking here, or by sending your check to Berean Fellowship of Churches PO Box 74 Alda NE 68810.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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SEND North America Conference – “Make Disciples” by David Platt

Ten Exhortations to North American Church Planters from Acts 11 & 13 by David Platt

SEND North America 2012 Conference at First Baptist Church Woodstock

What if all we had was the Word of God and the Spirit of God working through the People of God to make disciples?

  1. Let’s raise up ordinary people in the church who will do extraordinary things in the kingdom
  2. Let’s embrace suffering as a God-ordained means for the accomplishment of the Great Commission
  3. Let’s penetrate lostness through externally-focused, intentionally-faithful proclamation of the gospel
  4. Let’s not build our ministries on counting decisions but on making disciples
  5. Let’s lead and plant churches that not only go aggressively after spiritual needs but also give sacrificially towards physical needs
  6. Let’s love the glory of God more than we love our own lives
  7. Let’s fast and pray in desperate dependence upon the Holy Spirit
  8. Let’s commission brothers and sisters in the context of community
  9. Let’s trust that intentionally making disciples inevitably leads to multiplying churches
  10. Let’s leave a legacy of disciple makers, church planters, and pastors all across North America for the fame of God’s name

To view the video of David Platt’s message and other speakers from the conference, follow this link: NAMB’s 2012 SEND Conference Media

Berean Fellowship of Churches

Who Are We?

The Berean Fellowship of Churches (BFC)  is poised in the early years of the 21st century to have a global impact on the advancement of the gospel.

We are committed to the vision of “Planting and Strengthening Churches, Making Disciples, and Reaching the World.”

We are diligently seeking to accomplish this vision by establishing and nurturing a fellowship of interdependent churches and related ministries in strategic areas of North America and around the world.

To this end, the Berean Fellowship of Churches is pursuing strategic church planting opportunities in the United States and internationally. Our churches in the United States are a unified base that strengthens our international outreach.

We are also engaged in several strategic partnerships that allow us to maximize our network’s resources for the cause of Christ:

Philosophy, Beliefs, & Structure

The Berean Fellowship of Churches was built upon a solid biblical foundation and has always placed special emphasis on the authority of Scripture, the supremacy of Jesus Christ, and the importance of advancing the gospel through personal relationships, church planting, and world missions.

Check out these resources:

BFC churches are organized into regional districts. BFC pastors meet regularly as district members for fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.

Brief History

On Sunday, August 21, 1932, thirteen people gathered in a North Platte, Nebraska home. They came not to start a movement that would have a worldwide impact but to pray together and hear teaching from the Bible. God caused the group to grow as many people in the community placed their faith in Jesus Christ.

Initially known as the “Church of the Open Bible,” in 1935 the fledgling congregation found a more fitting name as “The Berean Fundamental Church.” Though the word “fundamental” has since lost favor in our culture, to those founding families it had a wonderfully simple depth of meaning: their church was based on the “fundamentals” of the Christian faith.

The name comes from the Bible. In the Acts of the Apostles is the historical account of a group of people from the ancient Roman city of Berea. According to the Bible, “these (Bereans) were more noble-minded than those of Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.” (Acts 17:11)

From this simple beginning, God sparked a movement that, within a few years, would grow from town to town across Nebraska and into surrounding states. Today, the Berean Fellowship of Churches comprises 60 churches in 8 states across the Midwest, Northern California and Southern Oregon, as well as Canada.


If you are interested in becoming a BFC partner or planter, please write us an email @

For more information about our network, visit our