Happy Cyber Monday

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Happy Cyber Monday

Today, people will buy a lot of stuff online. That isn’t bad but it isn’t lasting. Our Fellowship and our churches exists to reach people that do not know Jesus and that IS lasting!

While you are shopping online today, why not click here and give to God and your church? This investment is eternal.  It lasts way longer than an iPhone, flat screen, or Amazon gift card.

If your church does not have a website that you are able to give on no worries.  You can click here, navigate to the Fellowship gift page and make your Cyber Monday Gift.  Simply enter the name of your church in the “What is your connection to the Berean Fellowship” box, and we will make sure that your church receives your Cyber Monday Gift.  It’s really simple and fast.   And here’s my Cyber Monday guarantee: 100% of your investment will go to your church and its mission in reaching people for Jesus.

Opportunities To Grow Your Generosity

We’re glad we can send you the Gift Legacy eNewsletter with Savvy Living, Gift Planning Stories and Washington Update.  We hope you find the newsletter helpful, enjoyable and motivating as you express generosity and stewardship through your church and the ministries of the Berean Fellowship.  God is doing great things and your giving helps make that possible.

As always, we’d be glad to assist you with estate planning and gift planning.

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Billy Graham’s Three Regrets

Billy Graham

Berean Gift Legacy

Dr. Billy Graham’s 3 Regrets

It is not uncommon to have a few regrets when you look back on a life that is lived and decisions that were made.  It is hard to imagine that Dr. Billy Graham would have regrets when reflecting on his life, but he does.  Honestly we all do.

At age 95 Dr. Graham shares three of his.

Here, in his own words, are the three biggest regrets of Billy Graham’s life and ministry.

“Although I have much to be grateful for as I look back over my life, I also have many regrets. I have failed many times, and I would do many things differently. For one thing, I would speak less and study more, and I would spend more time with my family.

When I look back over the schedule I kept thirty or forty years ago, I am staggered by all the things we did and the engagements we kept. Sometimes we flitted from one part of the country to another, even from one continent to another, in the course of only a few days. Were all those engagements necessary? Was I as discerning as I might have been about which ones to take and which to turn down? I doubt it. Every day I was absent from my family is gone forever. Although much of that travel was necessary, some of it was not.

I would also spend more time in spiritual nurture, seeking to grow closer to God so I could become more like Christ. I would spend more time in prayer, not just for myself but for others. I would spend more time studying the Bible and meditating on its truth, not only for sermon preparation but to apply its message to my life. It is far too easy for someone in my position to read the Bible only with an eye on a future sermon, overlooking the message God has for me through its pages.

And I would give more attention to fellowship with other Christians, who could teach me and encourage me (and even rebuke me when necessary).

About one thing I have absolutely no regrets, however, and that is my commitment many years ago to accept God’s calling to serve Him as an evangelist of the Gospel of Christ.”

Well those are Billy Graham’s regrets, but they do not have to be ours. As our lives, calendars, families and churches lean into Thanksgiving and Christmas, let us learn from the many things Dr. Graham has done right, and let us learn from his admitted regrets.

Value Bible study. Invest in the lives of other Christians. Nurture your family.  – Adapted from The Wardrobe Door


Opportunities To Grow Your Generosity

We’re glad we can send you the Gift Legacy eNewsletter with Savvy Living, Gift Planning Stories and Washington Update.  We hope you find the newsletter helpful, enjoyable and motivating as you express generosity and stewardship through your church and the ministries of the Berean Fellowship.  God is doing great things and your giving helps make that possible.

As always, we’d be glad to assist you with estate planning and gift planning.

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Give From Your IRA


Berean Gift Legacy Newsletter

How You Can Make Gifts from Your IRA

On January 1, 2013, Congress passed legislation to avert the fiscal cliff. The law includes several important provisions that will allow you to support the causes you believe in using your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). 

Extension of the IRA Charitable Rollover
If you are 70½ or older, you can make a gift of up to $100,000 to your church and to the Fellowship from your IRA to meet your annual distribution requirement. By making an IRA charitable rollover gift, you are able to avoid taxes on the IRA distribution while supporting ministries in the Fellowship.

How to Make an IRA Rollover Gift in 2013
Contact your IRA custodian to make a gift from your IRA for 2013. The IRS will treat the amount of the cash gift as if you had made a direct rollover to charity and you can then avoid federal tax on the amount of the gift. 

Don’t wait! Contact me today to learn more about how you can convert your taxable IRA distribution and potentially reduce your taxes.

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Preparing For Tomorrow

Are You Prepared?

Berean Gift Legacy

On average, a person works more than forty years to accumulate assets and spends fifteen years conserving what has been earned, but does not spend even two hours to plan for distribution of those assets. The chaos that often occurs following the death of a loved one can be burdensome.

This burden can be eased, however, through proper planning. A key element of proper planning is the implementation of an estate plan. And this is the place where nearly 80% of Americans are stuck.  They are stuck because they have no plan in place.  And they are stuck with “their states” plan, which is in place for them because they did not put their own plan in place.

The basic document in any such plan is a will and many plans also include a trust. A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust is designed to encourage you to think about how you want to care for your minor age children, how your assets are to be distributed at death and will assist you in gathering the information your attorney will need to prepare a will and trust that accomplishes your goals.

Berean Gift Legacy offers you three helpful ways to get “unstuck” and receive your free Wills Guides. To choose the online Wills Planner click here. For your free guide in a .pdf format click here.  Or if you would like one mailed to you simply email me, and give me your name and address by clicking here.

As always, if you have any questions, I’d be delighted to speak with you.

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The Best Berean Convention

Berean Convention

“The best Berean convention I’ve been to…” – Pastor Mike Wolfe

Last week, October 10-13, over 200 Bereans gathered at Camp Maranatha as a part of this year’s annual convention, “Building 218.”

Main sessions featured inspiring teaching from Pastor Giles Armstrong as he focused on Building Character, Leadership, Marriage and Family.  We heard exciting testimonies from our National and International Church Planting Teams.  Couples from around our Fellowship told their stories of how God has worked through each of them.  Each time we met, we heard how God was moving in our Fellowship, our lives and our ministries.

On Thursday night, an opportunity was given to make a financial gift to the Fellowship through the Building 218 Offering.  I’m pleased to announce that we received $4,010 that evening.  I am grateful for these sacrificial gifts and confident that these gifts were given over and above regular giving.

These are exciting times for our movement and you are a part of that.  Will you stand with me?  Your prayers and financial gifts will enable us to fulfill our mission of “Planting and Strengthening Churches to Make Disciples to Reach the World.”  Together!

Your gift can be made by clicking e-Giving here. Thank you.

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Berean Conventions Are For Kids Too

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Some people might think that Berean Fellowship conventions are only for adults, but that’s just not the truth!


  • 7-7:30pm – Gaga ball
  • 7:30-8:30 – “Out of the Box” fun in the chapel


  • 9:30-10:30am – Roller skating
  • 10:30-11:30am – Archery
  • 11:30am – Lunch and time with family
  • 6:30-7:30pm – Photo scavenger hunt
  • 7:30-8:30pm – “Out of the Box” fun in the chapel


  • 9:30-10:30am – Bounce House Games
  • 10:30-11:30am – Games at paintball field
  • 11:30 – Lunch and family time
  • 1:30-4:15pm – “North Platte Awesomeness!” Fun in North Platte
  • 4:30pm Dinner and family time
  • 6:30-7:30pm – Craft time
  • 7:30-8:30pm – “Out of the Box” fun in the chapel

Thank you all the Maranatha Camp workers for helping our kids have a blast at this year’s convention!


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Convention Friday Evening Summary

Praying to the Father

Enjoy this update on Convention Day Two evening events by Jonathan Phillips!

Friday night began with some drawings for iTunes gift cards, books, and candy.

Following the drawings, Miguel and Jenny Bejarano of Nashville Tennessee shared some of their experiences of cross cultural ministry and church planting in Tennessee.

Miguel also briefly shared his testimony while his wife translated.

Mike Wolfe then shared about ministry mapping and the importance of supporting those churches already involved in that, as well as beginning to do that.

The worship team then led everyone in worship, challenging everyone to lay aside the distractions of life, and to live a life of worship.

Giles Armstrong then came forward taking everyone to 1 Thessalonians 2, sharing about the importance of following the leading of God, and the challenge for church leaders to lead others.

The worship team then came forward and played lightly as Hal Lentz of Sterling Berean gave the opportunity for anyone to come forward and just pray with other members of the Fellowship.

The night then ended on a somber note as many proceeded to talk with the Father together.


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